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Cornelius Krump has a rare genius for creating the unexpected. Naturally curious and never one to shy away from a challenge he was intrigued by the possibility of extracting a pure flavour from nature and capturing it in a bottle.

You now behold the fruits of his toil, the firstborn of the Cornelius Krump family, his unique and natural sparkling Cucumber Seltzer. A true perfectionist, he was determined that not only should it be an unexpected twist on ordinary sodas but that whatever he gave his name to should be healthy and natural, low in sugar and calories.

He was even very particular about the name .... ‘this isn’t an ordinary soda, it is a Seltzer’.

Cornelius aims is to create further exciting and unexpected seltzers using natural flavours extracted from unusual and exotic fruits and plants. Some are already bubbling away....

Our Culture

Our Culture

CK’s Cucumber Seltzer is an anytime soft drink to enjoy with friends, to cool down, as an aperitif or just for the sake of it! Best served really chilled over ice, its fresh lingering taste will have you chirping like a bird in spring.

CK is also the most versatile mixer in cocktails, mocktails or with your favourite spirit. We suggest a few for you to try – see our Serving Suggestions – but like Cornelius himself, we do urge you to mix and enjoy your own ‘CK specials’, or challenge your favourite bartender to mix a ‘CK’ especially for you, with or without a green moustache!

Cornelius Krump’s Cucumber Seltzer is truly the perfect Seltzer for every occasion which will intrigue, surprise and satisfy the naturally adventurous spirit in us all.

Available through respected restaurants, cafes and bars, Cornelius Krump’s intrigues and resonates with food lovers, adventurous spirits, health nuts and social butterflies.

Cornelius Krump’s is a lifestyle drink. An outward expression of a choice in culture. A salute to the pure experience of being alive and celebrating the taste of nature.

Cornelius Krump’s Cucumber Seltzer is:

  • Low in sugar
  • 33 Calories per bottle
  • All Natural
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Colour Free
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Preservative Free

The Story of Cornelius

The Story of Cornelius

Born in the small English village of Lacock, Cornelius Edmond Krump is the only son of Francis William Krump, a prominent doctor and business man, and Penelope Rose Krump, an elementary school teacher.

We know that the Krump’s formed a long line of medical physicians and scientific scholars, most of whom were prominent and respected in their fields.

As a young boy Cornelius was said to have been fascinated with the mechanics of the human body, as well as the mysteries and solitude he found in nature. As a young man having shown an aptitude for study, he was enrolled into university to pursue his medical education at his father’s insistance. After a short period, his interest waned, and his love of botany and experimental sciences led him to neglect his medical studies, much to Francis’ disappointment.

The truth of Cornelius’ childhood, adolescent years and the family’s past has become obscured in folklore. As Cornelius is the sole remaining heir to his family name, and because his enigmatic personality and reclusive lifestyle prevent us from learning more, we will have to live with the fact... and the fiction, as one story.

The current age of Krump, like most other things, is a heavily debated subject. With the appearance of a healthy man in his 60s, village records and local stories date his age to a much earlier time. Adding to the confusion is the fact that over the past 40 years, he has been candidly photographed but a few times during his socially awkward and bizarre public outings. In all of the images taken of the man, he appears ‘evergreen’, as though not having aged a year in almost half a century.

During a period of his life referred to as his ‘awakened’ years, he lived among the local Shamans in the heart of the South American rainforest, studying a mysterious species of local flora. It is rumoured that here he made the discovery of a compound that had counteractive effects on ageing. Of course, this tale can only be the result of overactive minds and small village gossip.

With the physical appearance and fashion sense of a ‘man out of time’, Krump has been documented as stating that he “holds great regard for nature above all things”. Of the few people who have met or known him, he has been described as cultured, prolific and more than a tad eccentric.

Over the years, Cornelius has distanced himself more and more from the ever changing outside world. Preferring the company of his plants, he has made it a veritable labour of love to extract the very essence of nature that goes into his naturally crafted Cucumber seltzer.

For the moment, this is the story of Cornelius Krump...

With social media weaving it’s way into the fabric of our everyday lives, I’m sure it will not be long before we learn more about this enigmatic naturalist.

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